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Mar 23rd

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Mar 22nd

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Posted by Buy Valium Wholesale with Order Lorazepam Cheap

Allanti – The Beauty Distributor & Spa is open to the public.  We offer affordable beauty products from hair extensions, appliances to quality hair and skin care products from Israel.  Most beauty products that you can purchase at leading beauty suppliers we have or can bring in for you by the next day.  We are not fully stocked with every beauty product however call us we will quote you our distributor price, place your order, we will have the product in a few days.

The products we are fully stocked in are Mon Platin hair and skin care from Israel and Australian Body Care from Denmark.  We also have all natural From the Meadow located in Belmont Ontario, supporting local farmers in our community.

Savings are great with Allanti – The Beauty Distributor & Spa.  For example we have a flat iron that retails for $250.00 our price is $75.00.  We have CHI flat irons in stock that retail for $199.00 our price $119.00 

Call us today! 519 537-8800


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