What is MicroNeedling?
MicroNeedling electric system that runs over the surface and delivers a consistent pulse of micro needles on varying length and number of pins as chosen by the aesthetician
This system can be continuously moved over the skin, and delivers a consistent pattern across the tissues.
Unlike derma rolling it does not manually roll over the skin but glides and moves in an up and down stamping motion this vertical intrusion causes less trauma also the depths can be adjusted to target a specific areas
$849+hst regular ON SALE $799+HST Boss Medical Machine & Inno Pen Kit ADDITIONAL @ $4999+HST
4 students. Maximum
Will cover…
Skin theory
What is microneedling, best candidates, contraindications etc
Includes Pen System,  10 Cartridges, 10 Serums, 10 Gel Masks, and 10 Bottles of Zensa
Cartridge sizes
Endocare skincare line
Facial cleansing
microneedling step by step protocol
Link for blood borne pathogens program
Record keeping and waivers
Pre and post care
Model demo
Students give and receive microneedling service.
Sarah Lawton
BrowSavvy Microblading
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