Salon Services

Salon is open Monday to Wednesday & Friday 10am – 5pm, Thursday 10am to 8pm, no appointment required.


Adult             $7

Kids               $5 (under 12 years old)

Baby              $FREE (Keep Your Babies 1st Hair Cut and we place in an Envelope)

Seniors         $6

Bang Trim   $3

Buzz              $5

Shampoo and Cut

Adult             $10

Senior           $9

Shampoo + Blow Dry

Adult     $8

Long      $10

Shampoo + Set

Adult      $9

Senior     $8

Comb out

Comb Out $6

Cut + Set

Adult $13

Senior $12


Roots                                    $22 & up

Full Head (Short)              $25 & up

Full Head (Long)               $35 & up

Ombre Single Process      $30 & up

Ombre Double Process    $40 & up

Ombre Stain                       $50 & up

Streaking Cap

Streaking Cap Short         $35

Streaking Cap Long          $50


Single Short                       $2.25 each

Double Process Short      $3.25 each

Stain Short                         $3.25 each

Single Long                        $3.25 each

Double Process Long       $4.25 each

Stain  Long                        $4.25 each

Short Full Head                $55

Short Half Head               $45

Long Full Head                 $65

Long Half Head                 $55

Bleach Wash

Short                                   $20 & up

Long                                    $30 & up

Up Do’s

Up Do’s                              $25 & up


French                                $20 & up

Corn Rows – Half Head  $20

Short                                   $35 & up

Long                                    $45 & up


February Perm Special……$25 Short Hair…..$50 Shoulder Hair…..$65 Long Hair …. Includes Cut, Shampoo & Set,  Complete Service, Start to Finish….Call to book Your appointment 519 537-8800

Short Regular Price $30 & up

Spiral Regular Price $50 & up


Chemical Straightening   $55 & up

Flat Iron (includes Shampoo and Blow Dry)

Short                    $8

Medium               $10

Long                     $13

Curls                    $15 to $20

Scalp Treatments

Short Hair    $8 & up

Medium Length  $10 & up

Long Hair $15.00 & up

Dry air and polutants damage your hair! Our Scalp Treatments take the pollutants/fillers off and bring the health the mositure back to your hair creating an incredible shine with a Xcalp Treatment. Your Scalp Treatment service will begin with a Clarifying Shampoo where you may feel some tingling as our Green Tea and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is cleaning and repairing your hair and scalp. Next is the massaging of your scalp with our nourishing Masi (from Italy) Hair Mask that will replace moisture back into your hair and scalp, then under the dryer for 10-20 minutes, then rinse and blow dry and voila a new person with healthy shiny hair! Scalp Treatments can be done on its own or add the service to your hair service. Total Scalp Treatment Service time approx. 1 hour.

Hair Extensions

Nano/UpTip   $100    (Extensions additional, Full Head 100 grams approx. $150+hst)

Fusion Service $100   (Extensions additional, Full Head 100 grams approx. $150+hst)

Micro Link       $100    (Extensions additional, Full Head 100 grams approx. $150+hst)

Maintenance   $50       (Gently Push beads to root)

Tape Ins           $50

Place Clip ins  $15


Customize Cut  $7

Revitalize Wigs $15 (luxurious mask from Italy used to bring your wig back to original condition)

For Men Only

Shoe Shine Highlights      $20

Streaks                                 $20

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