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Brow Waxing - Phone 519 537-8800 Allanti Beauty Institute - Phone 519 537-8800 Colour - Phone 519 537-8800 Hair Cuts Adults/Senior/Kids 519 537-8800 Mon Platin with Dead Sea Minerals - Phone 519 537-8800

Buy Valium Colombia

We have created an environment that allows our Allanti students to gain the talent, confidence and knowledge they need to supply the current trends and looks for today's demanding styles.

Whether you are a beginner, or seasoned professional, Allanti Beauty Institute has a course designed to bring out your potential. Our Courses focus on advanced European cutting and colouring techniques, with an emphasis on client discovery and professionalism.

Looking for a career change. You could be on your way to a fulfilling rewarding future by enrolling in Allanti Beauty Institue's programs. Join us now and let us provide you with the skills and training needed to achieve your dream. We have both full and part time programs. Classes begin the 1st Monday of every month. Scholarships are available.

Small class sizes with a student teacher ratio of 1:5.

Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.
Salon is open Monday to Wednesday & Friday 10m to 5pm and Thursday 10am to 8pm. Cuts $5 for Kids, $6 for Seniors, $7 for Adults, Colour Starts at $25 (short)

*See Tuitions & Fees Tab located under School for Details

Hours & Location

964 Parkinson Rd Woodstock, ON. N4S 7W3
Phone= (519) 537-8800

Salon/Spa Hours=
Mon-Wed & Fri: 10am-5pm
Thurs 10am-8pm
School/Beauty Supply Hours=
Mon-Wed & Fri: 9am-5pm
Thurs 9am-8pm

519 537-8800

2019 Holidays – School/Salon/Beauty Supply Closed

Closed New Years Day
Closed Family Day Monday February 18th
Closed February 23rdth to March 2nd
Closed Good Friday April 19th
Closed Easter Monday April 22nd
Closed Victoria Day Monday May 20th
Closed Canada Day July 1st
Closed Civic Holiday Monday August 5th
Closed Labour Day Monday September 2nd
Closed Thanksgiving Day Monday October 14th
Closed October 19th to October 26th
Closed December 21st, 2019 to January 7th 2020

Walk ins Welcome

Find us on the Service Ontario Website

About Us

Offering AFFORDABLE SPA & SALON SERVICES *Allanti Beauty Supply & Spa – has over 25+ years experience in the cosmetology, aesthetics and beauty education field.Our passionate and knowledgeable licenced hairstylist and certified aesthetician look forward to building new and long lasting client relationships here in Woodstock.

We offer luxurious skin & hair care products made in Israel from Dead Sea Minerals with natural ingredients and antioxidants. Expertise and superior quality service have always been the cornerstones to Allanti’s success! The utmost care and concern is taken to provide a clean and sanitary environment. Board of Health standards and procedures are followed and exceeded to ensure the health and safety of every client. If your group wants to enjoy an evening of being pampered along with a social get together we have the room for you. Enjoy a day of simple affordable indulgence.

The Salon is open offering affordable prices on hair cuts Adults $7, Seniors $6, Kids $5 and colour starting at $25

We have ample parking and are centrally located.