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Short Hair    $8 & up

Medium Length Hair  $10 & up

Long Hair $12 & up

Dry air, polutants, and “Drug Store Shampoos” damage your hair! Take the pollutants/fillers off and bring the health the mositure back to your hair creating an incredible shine with an Allanti Beauty Scalp Treatment. Your Scalp Treatment service will begin with a Clarifying Shampoo where you may feel some tingling as our Green Tea and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is cleaning and repairing your hair and scalp. Next is the massaging of your scalp with our nourishing Masi (from Italy) Hair Mask that will replace moisture back into your hair and scalp, then under the dryer for 10-20 minutes, then rinse and blow dry and voila a new person with healthy shiny hair! Come in and have the Scalp Treatment on its own or add the service to your hair service. Total Scalp Treatment Service time approx. 1 hour. Ladies, treat your husband! Students have learned the procedure and would like lots of practice. Help your community by helping our student learn the trade of hairstyling. Visit www.allantibeauty for all our service prices.