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ALLANTI BEAUTY is happy to offer head coverings uniquely designed for individuals who are experiencing hair loss for any reason.  These head coverings are affordable, fashionable and tailored for full head coverage. While experiencing hair loss while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, HOPECAPS understand the importance of having headwear that is comfortable and flattering to individual tastes.

Buying Diazepam In Mexico

Buy Alprazolam Online UkPyramid

This turban is classy, easy to wear turban and has full head coverage. With elastic in the back for a secure comfortable fit, it is a wonderful stylish turban. Dress it up with an accent scarf or broach and this turban will take you anywhere.  One of the most popular styles


Buy Valium WholesaleThe U Cap

The “U” Cap is a very versatile and practical choice for the comfort of everyday wear. It is made with solid knit materials and flattering patterns. To achieve a layered look, the ‘U’ cap can be worn with other designs in the Hopecaps collection.  Another most popular style.


Buy Ambien Sleeping TabletsBabushka

Hopecaps has been making this versatile scarf for years. The Babushka is made ‘one size fits all’ with quilter cotton, or cotton/polyester materials. The scarf has elastic in the back and tails to tie for a secure fit. The Babushka is great for wearing with your favorite jeans, gardening with a straw hat, or sitting in a bathing suit around a pool. It is also made with warm flannel materials for the fall and winter months.

Buy Phentermine In China


Elegant Ruffle

This stylish, very feminine scarf will make you feel gorgeous. The bonnet is completely lined with cotton/polyester. There is an elastic casing that makes this scarf comfortable and fits all size heads. This wonderful scarf can be worn with the tails hanging down the back or layered over the shoulder. There is a scrunchy that comes with this scarf, to wear over the elastic casing so that you can be creative with taking the tails and making them into a bow for another attractive look.

Long Tail Scarf

The Long Tail scarf presents a sophisticated look. It is made in different chiffons, polyester materials, and crinkle cottons. The front of the scarf is lined with the same material and there is elastic in the back of the bonnet. This scarf looks great simply tied in a bow at the nape of the neck or by wrapping the tails around the head. If you are creative, you can wrap the tails into a flower over the corner of the eyebrow, creating another effect. The Long Tail Scarf is the perfect headgear for that special occasion.


The basic turban is still one of the most comfortable of headwear. Warm and cozy, with full head coverage, this hat is very versatile. Whether you wear it with the gathering at the front or over to the side it is a great everyday turban. It can also be worn with an accent scarf for another fashionable look.


Order Lorazepam Cheap

Gathered Turban

Added to the Hopecaps collection is an exciting new Gathered Turban. This comfortable, easy to wear turban has a gathered elasticized seam from the front to back of the turban, adding height and style. The attached tab in the back holds a scarf in place while the top stitched band makes this turban unique and youthful. For a beautiful new look, wear the Gathered Turban with or without a scarf.


This new cap is similar to the mushroom cap and made with polyester for the warmer months and interlock polyester/cotton for the colder weather. A feminine Florette has been added to the side for an attractive glamorous look.


Order Xanax EuLace Cap

The Lace Cap is one of the most beautiful caps available. The delicate lace frames the face for a soft, feminine look. Stretch lace is added to a knit material that fits snugly to the head. This ensures that the cap doesn’t slip off when sleeping. This hat is an elegant accessory when worn underneath a straw/sun hat and is the perfect gift for a friend in need.

This flattering cap has become a favourite of Hopecaps’ customers. The ‘Ruffle’ is made with stretch knit materials and is tailored to fit everyone. Whether you wear the ruffle portion at the back or on the side this cap is very comfortable and easy to wear. Wearing a solid colour “U” Cap or Pyramid Cap under the Ruffle will give you added height, warmth and volume.

Buy Zolpidem In Canada


Tie Back Scarf

The Tie Back Scarf/Biker Cap is cool and comfortable. It is extremely easy to wear, and is made with cottons and stretch knit materials. This ‘one size fits all’ Scarf is a MUST for all children and adults. The back of the cap comes down to protect the neck from the sun’s rays. This versatile cap can be worn while exercising, under a bike helmet to absorb perspiration.


Lorazepam 1 Mg Buy Uk


Victorian Tail Scarf

The Victorian Tail is a classy and feminine scarf. The top of the scarf is made in a solid colour and the tails are made with patterned knits. The tails can be wrapped around the head in multiple ways to achieve unique and updated styles.

Buy Zolpidem Online Romania

Buy Ambien In CanadaPleated Cap

This new cap is cute, comfortable and easy to wear. The materials used are light weight with pleats on either side making the cap fashionable. A must cap for everyone