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Roots                                    $22 & up

Short Full                            $25 & up

Long                                     $35 & up

Ombre Single Process      $30

Ombre Double Process    $40 & up

Ombre Stain                       $50 & up

Streaking Cap

Streaking Cap Short         $35

Streaking Cap Long          $50


Single Short                       $2.25 each

Double Process Short      $3.25 each

Stain Short                         $3.25 each

Short Full Head                $55

Short Half Head               $45

Single Long                        $3.25 each

Double Process Long       $4.25 each

Stain  Long                        $4.25 each

Long Full Head                 $65

Long Half Head                 $55

Bleach Wash

Short                                   $20 & up

Long                                    $30 & up